Empowering Black Female T-shirt Apparel Lines by Stephanie Lahart

Stephanie Lahart has a t-shirt apparel line that empowers Black women and girls all over the world. She wanted to create shirts that celebrate African American females with inspiring, powerful, and positive quotes/sayings on tees. Her online store: Empowering Black Girls Tees by Lahart offers stylish t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops. This empowering clothing line has unapologetic messages that represent Black Girl Magic, Black Beauty, and Black Pride.

“Black Women and Black Girls are Exquisite Beauty in EVERY Shade.”

– Stephanie Lahart

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Empowering T-shirt Apparel Lines that Empower Black Women and Black Girls


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Author. Poet. Youth Motivational Speaker for At-Risk Teens. Teen Mentor. Entrepreneur. Empowering and Inspiring Black Women and Black Girls All Over the World.